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Aaron & Kelly's Barn Wedding | Chin Chin Wine Box Bar | Bartholomew Barn in Kirdford, West Sussex

Updated: May 24, 2022

"Thank you so much! You guys were amazing! 5* service - couldn't have asked for more!" - Kelly (The Bride)

How lovely to be back so soon with our WINE BOX BAR at the gorgeous Bartholomew Barn in Kirdford, West Sussex for Aaron and Kelly's gloriously sunny wedding!

Now these guys have waited a looooong time to tie the knot and have even welcomed a new, little member to their family in the meantime!

So it was fantastic to finally help them celebrate on such a beautiful day with our full bar service, Beavertown Neck Oil on draught and a selection of delicious cocktails, chosen by the Bride and Groom!

Congratulations to Aaron and Kelly!

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