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Spring Marquee Wedding | Chin Chin Caravan Bar at Jack & Lauren's Wedding in Chelmsford, Ess

Chin Chin Caravan Bar at Jack & Lauren's Marquee Wedding in Chelmsford Essex

Two lovely weddings for us this weekend!

Here we are with the Caravan Bar at Jack and Lauren's wedding reception, held in a marquee in their family owned field in Chelmsford.

We had to battle gale force winds during the first part of the day, but fortunately, it all died down in time for the main celebrations!

The happy couple did a great job of decorating both inside the marquee and outside and it all looked really fab once the sun went down, especially with all our pretty bar lights.

Guests enjoyed our full bar menu of beers, wines, spirits and softs, as well as a bespoke cocktail list chosen by the Bride and Groom.

There was also tonnes of delicious barbecue food from HOGIT and pizza from Nonna's to keep everyone going until the wee hours.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hester!

To hire any of our bars for your special event, just drop us a line at

Here's some more pics from the day...

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