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Street Eats 'n' Beats Festival 2019 | Chin Chin Mobile Bar in Chelmsford, Essex

Chin Chin Caravan Bar at Street Eats 'n' Beats Festival 2019 in Chelmsford, Essex

A great Bank Holiday weekend with our CARAVAN BAR at this year's Street Eats 'n' Beats Festival in Chelmsford!

The sun shone, the music played and everyone had a brilliant time eating, drinking and dancing.

Our delicious cocktails were popular as ever, as well as our Old Dairy Brewery Über Brew IPA.

It was also lovely to see our old friends from The Treat Stop and to make new friends with our neighbours at The Duck Truck Essex.

Congratulations to all at Curious Jam Productions for pulling off another great year of this fantastic family friendly festival!

To hire any of our bars for your next event, just drop us a line at

Here are some more pics from the day...

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