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Tom & Mica's Town Hall Wedding | Chin Chin Mobile Bar Service | Haywards Heath, West Sussex

We gave our bars a break this weekend and headed off to Queen's Hall in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, to provide our mobile bar service for Tom and Mica's lovely town hall wedding!

These guys had been waiting a long time for this day, so it was brilliant to see them finally tie the knot and celebrate with all their family and friends!

Tom and Mica did a great job decorating the hall and we added our very own Chin Chin touches to the bar before service this lovely bunch with our full complement of spirits, draught beer and cocktails as they partied into the night!

Tom is often found at other people's weddings, as he's a videographer, so it was nice to see him on the other side of the camera for a change! - Check him out at

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